Week 3 Artist

The artist I interview for week three was Nick Gaby Nick is from San Diego, now living in Long Beach on the road to obtain his BFA as a super senior graduating within the next year. He explained that his work was anxiety driven. Nick says that influences build up slowly and there is no one definite influence. One of his works contained a box that was carved into a piece of wood as you see below, he explains that he was scared to use the pen in the box because it was so nice so this work his portraying that in his own way.

photo 3

photo 2


Week 3 Classmate: Sharon Kotas

photo 1

The classmate I interviewed for week three was Sharon Kotas, she is a freshman living in the dorms. Sharon is from Santa Clarita and her first choice for college was San diego state. She likes to figure skate and watch movies and hang out with friends. Her major is sociology and her favorite class has been sociology 142. Her favorite color is purple and she has two turtles named Tortuga and squeaky.

Week 2 Classmate: Olivia Sugarman

I interviewed a classmate named Olivia Sugarman, she is a first year student. Olivia is from Hopland, California, about 9 hours away. She is majoring in international business and is on the snowboarding team on campus. Olivia’s favorite color is green, she is an artist and is into rock climbing as well as playing volleyball. She has two stepbrothers and is a vegetarian. She plans on moving to Montana.photo